Thursday, January 1, 2009

Low Supply #2: Futurisk - Army Now 7"

Second in a series of hard-to-find albums of jittery genius.

Futurisk / The Sound of Futurism 7" (1980, Clark Humphrey)

1. Army Now
2. What We Have to Have

Here's the boys from South F-L-A performing "Army Now" in 1982 on the Ed Rich Rock Show. On vocals: Ian Curtis with terrible hair dancing as if his business school application depended on it. On Moog: Jonah Hill.

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Anonymous said...

FUTURISK 30th anniversary release write-ups in Miami New Times
and Fact Mag

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Great 80's ablum right here. Memories. Such great memories.

-Zane of ontario honey