Friday, August 29, 2008


MP3 Paul Westerberg / Let's Do It (Cole Porter cover ft. Joan Jett)

@ 0:07 when Jett snarls "spring"
@ 2:08 when she drowns out Paul on the closing couplet, "I'm sure sometimes on the sly you do it / Maybe even you and I might do it"

This one's from the bizarrerie that is the Tank Girl OST (1995). More Paul and Replacements b-sides at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends.

Give Paul cash tunecore.


Avon Barksdale said...

Apparently the comic strip of "Tank Girl" was pretty awesome:

Note that one of its creators went on to do the cartooning for Gorillaz.

Lester "Bangs" Freamon said...

Memo to Ms. Jett: If you truly love rock n' roll, you'd realize the Stones effectively created a rock n' roll version of "Let's Do It" with "Let's Spend the Night Together" (a justly famous cover in its own right). Let's leave covers of Cole Porter to the Chairman from now on.