Friday, January 23, 2009

Born in Canada

Arcade Fire / Born in the USA (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"teddy ruxpin buckskin"

wen i c u x 5, inspired by this which i pretty much like all the way [rap +/≈ poetry = duh] even if "This white fetishism of the crack-rap [and purple drank] movement is getting weird"

in order from best to worst (objectively speaking)...

1. Mike Jones / When I See U (Fantasia cover)
vocals by Mike Jones, from Running 4 President 2k8, 2007
note: R4P2k8 observes inaugurationary protocols, attends multiple balls

2. Mike Jones / When I See U (alt Fantasia cover)
vocals by ??, from Running 4 President 2k8, 2007
note: just the above version slowed to a craaaaawl?

3. Fantasia / When I See U (remix 1)
Polow Da Don Rmx ft Young Jeezy
note: xxxhottt club JAM!

4. Fantasia / When I See U (original)
s/t album version, 2006
note: "fully breaks... free of her American Idol persona" according to allmusic. FINALLY.

5. Fantasia / When I See U (remix 2)
Lil Wayne/Young Jeezy remix ft B.G./Remy Ma, 2007
note: lil wayne=very special rhymer, this remix = ok

Monday, January 12, 2009


CLICK (diana ross &) the supremes / where did our love go? (quarterbar re-do/remix)

how much was there before (1964)? how much is only there now (2006)? who can tell us? what kind of spectrometer do we NEED?

find more sad-pleasure at the quarterbar site, and order the salt 'n' pepa remix.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Low Supply #2: Futurisk - Army Now 7"

Second in a series of hard-to-find albums of jittery genius.

Futurisk / The Sound of Futurism 7" (1980, Clark Humphrey)

1. Army Now
2. What We Have to Have

Here's the boys from South F-L-A performing "Army Now" in 1982 on the Ed Rich Rock Show. On vocals: Ian Curtis with terrible hair dancing as if his business school application depended on it. On Moog: Jonah Hill.

get the vinyl reissue