Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All-Request Line #1

A funk band should cover the song "Kids" by MGMT.

(echo on the bass (echo on the bass (echo on the bass)))))

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Following on last month's Mutant Sounds synopsis, here's a stab at another time-sucking super-archive: Hyped To Death. H2D specializes in compiling and selling forgotten U.S. and U.K. punk, post-punk, and power-pop from the 1970s-'80s. The following is a vain attempt at a 20-track best-of variety pack. It's culled from the Teenline (U.S. power-pop, 11 tracks), Homework (U.S. DIY, 5 tracks), and Messthetics (U.K. DIY, 3 tracks) series and the Performing Ferrets (U.K. "band," 1 track) compilation.

All in all: sweltering, like the soundtrack from an unmade softcore directed by John Hughes.

CLICK: Let's Glow / Craig Bevan (MP3)

CLICK: H2D SYNOPSIS (Zip file, 20 tracks)

01. I'm A Square / Anorexia
02. Popstar / Armed Force
03. Tight Jeans / Astrobeats
04. Where Did The Girls Go / Astrosurf
05. You Were an Optimist / Band of Susans
06. Boys Town Work Song / Christmas
07. American Neutron / Citizen 23
08. Let's Glow / Craig Bevan
09. Kiss and Tell / J.D. Buhl
10. Trak (ft lyrics by William Burroughs) / Marc Thor*
11. The Rush / Performing Ferrets
12. Turn Me On / Riff Doctors
13. Break the Ice / Scruffs
14. Walking On The Roof / Sgt. Arms
15. Teen Line / Shivvers
16. Something on My Mind / Speedies
17. Let Me Take Your Foto / Speedies
18. Girl On The Bus / Thin Yoghurts
19. Americommandos / Zodio Doze
20. Giving It All To You / 20-20

Note from H2D: "Marc Thor's second single, 'Trak,' is also from 1979. It's a typical Boston/Rat-scene gtrrock chug, but the lyrics are a fictional cigarette ad penned by none other than William Burroughs."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Low Supply #8: Damian & the Criterions - Avant Garde EP

Eighth in a series of kindasortahardtofind albums of damaged euphoria.

MP3 Damian and the Criterions / Give Me More (1983?)

EP Damian and the Criterions / Avant Garde (1982)

1. I Need Bread
2. Gee Leo USA (aka Giglio USA)
3. Witches Brew
4. My Sweet Angel
5. Atlantic City USA
6. The Slam

This record is unavailable for purchase. Thanks to Nevver and the now-defunct Blank Dogs site (check out the wily BDs on MySpace).