Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"the beach is big"

Pushurge in the direction of Said the Gramophone for Nobunny's um-cover of the Isley Brothers' "Nobody But Me" (1963), best known in its garagerockclassic version recorded by the otherwise forgotten Human Beinz in 1968.

The StG capsule about the song is neat and neatly written, though it does make me picture the tubby open-mic poet/host from the only truly brilliant episode of the Sarah Silverman show reading Blake's "To Nobodaddy" in his forceful monotone.

In case the jam goes offline, here it is along with the appropriate documentation.

CLICK1 Nobunny / Nobunny Loves You (Isley Brothers cover, 2008)

CLICK2 The Human Beinz / Nobody But Me (Isley Brothers cover, 1968)

CLICK3 The Isley Brothers / Nobody But Me (1963)


Host: This next one is called "The Beach is Big."

The beach is big, where's our blanket? Where's our blanket?
A thousand faces. A sea of faces.
Where's our blanket? Where's our blanket?
Oh, there it is

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