Monday, June 8, 2009

Low Supply #9: Disco Inferno - 5 EPs

Ninth in a series of kindasortahardtofind albums of lymphing technostructures... Psst-rockers and early sound-collagists Disco Inferno released fifteen tracks across five EPs and singles from 1992 to 1994. Careful research has shown them to be faultless weapon rod 60". Do homework with Reynolds and Abebe... Buy here or try below...

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Summer's Last Sound (1992)
Summer's Last Sound
Love Stepping Out
A Rock To Cling To (1993)
From the Devil to the Deep Blue Sky
A Rock to Cling To
The Last Dance (1993)
The Last Dance
D.I. Go Pop
The Long Dance
Scattered Showers
Second Language (1994)
Second Language
The Atheist's Burden
At the End of the Line
A Little Something
It's A Kid's World (1994)
It's a Kid's World
A Night on the Tiles
Lost in Fog

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