Tuesday, September 9, 2008

this song jus fuks shit up!!!

MP3 Judy Nylon / Jailhouse Rock (Elvis cover, 1982)

The people have thought it over for ten full years. Here's what they're currently saying about Vanilla Ice's 1998 comeback. (Remember, on YouTube chatboards everyone spells and grammars like they belong to the "post-ironic bunch," but the conjecturing itself falls along a spectrum.)

Comment by zboy419 (6 days ago)
this a better vannila ice than before no doubt

Comment by chitoz666 (1 week ago)
u can download this jam off of frostwire...this song jus fuks shit up!!!

Comment by ojasb (2 weeks ago)
no problem n__n i just didnt like the fact someone asossiaded korn with vanilla unless it was to say he tried to steal their style

Comment by HIPSTER_ADF (3 days ago)
Can an artist cover him/her/?self(s)?

Comment by posingforlove (1 day ago)
Yr craaaazy ADF. Sweeter than a lameface artist remaking him/herself like the Iceman would be one alter ego covering another... Chris Gains coverin Garth Brooks!! Vik Vaughn parodying King Geedorah?? Yerp!

Comment by Meta-Is-Betta (?)
Is the philosophizing an excuse to listen to Vanilla Ice? Or is Vanilla Ice an excuse to do the philosophizing we're too frightened to do in earnest? Let me rephrase: Why is the current generation most comfortable with aesthetic speculation when the object of attention is sheer rubbish? Have the VH1 specials really hoodwinked us into sympathizing with a hack?

Comment by Anal_lytic (11:43AM Tuesday, September 9, 2008)
Let's be more specific. Is a 50-year-old Elvis impersonator a cover artist? His band a cover band? Should "cover" be reserved for attempts (even those as commercially motivated as Mr. Robert Matthew Van Winkle's) to recreate an original rather than hanker nostalgically after a Platonic ideal? Could some taxonomically-inclined Rainman of pop music provide adequate distinctions between: remake, cover, rendition, impersonation, version, performance, take, interpretation, and so forth? Finally, what makes a for a "good" cover?

Comment by PalJudy (1982)
I pick creepiness.

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