Friday, September 26, 2008

Vote By Texting O-S-T-R-I-C-H

More Lewis Allan Reed...

MP3 The Primitives (Lou Reed) / The Ostrich (single, 1964)
Reed's proto-Velvet Underground band included John Cale and released one boisterous single meant for airplay on the version of American Bandstand that plays in the third circle of hell. Not a cover but sounds that (that) way.

MP3 The Primitives (1980s) / I'll Be Your Mirror (Velvets cover, 1989)
The latter-day Primitives—named after the above dance-contest spoof troop and most famous for their 1988 single "Crash"—did a version of one of VU's most-covered tunes for their second LP.

MP3 Rainy Day / I'll Be Your Mirror (Velvets cover, 1984)
Different version by everyone's favorite Paisley Underground supergroup. Especially good if ... you... can't... stand... Nico.

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