Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do The Clean Teeth Jive

MP3 The Bobbettes / Mr. Lee (1957)

MP3 The Diskettes / Mr. Lee (Bobbettes cover, 2002)

MP3 The Fabulettes (2000s) / Mr. Lee (Bobbettes cover)

There must be a commercial or music video with dancing teeth but I can't think of it. Instead I give you a doo-woppy girl-group classic that has the sound for it. The Diskettes cover, with the male harmonies and the way the lead yelps www-ho! (at :22, :25, :27, etc.), is even funner. South Korea's new national anthem?


Teeth Whitening said...

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Leon Rubicon said...

I anxiously await a version from the Pipettes...