Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shakey and the Honey Slides

I have feared posting, lest I somehow manage to post something else which can later be used to link me to murderous British record producers (you would be surprised at how many of my potential post topics ran this risk). Anyway, retreating to safe territory: I've spent the last week (er, well, or the better part of most weeks) listening only to Neil Young and thinking about how I shouldn't have cheaped out on buying tickets (although, who really wants to go to the Forum. Not this girl). Anyhow, in an attempt to shake things up, I've also been listening to a lot of Neil Young covers.

Arguably the most prolific of all Neil Young cover-ers (and there are many), Thom Yorke and that band of his have really managed to do a version of almost every song worth doing a version of. Their cover of "On the Beach" (from the terribly underrated 1974 album of the same name--I mean, it's great and is totally without the horrific orchestral numbers that drag down the much more popular "Harvest." Seriously, it guest stars Levon Helm and Rick Danko. I call for an "On the Beach" revival, right now) might be the strongest.

MP3 Radiohead / On the Beach (Neil Young Cover)

For good measure, I thought I'd also throw in a Radiohead cover, a band that, really surprisingly, doesn't seem to get covered all that often. Is everyone too scared off by their popularity? Anyway, Gillian Welch does a kind of lovely version of my favorite of that band's songs (yes, I am a cliche, thanks).

MP3 Gillian Welch / Black Star (Radiohead Cover)

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